Knowledge of cosmetic brushes
Use of eight kinds of cosmetic brushes

First, foundation brush.
It is mainly used in the brush foundation. The brush density is rich and firm. It is suitable for makeup products such as liquid foundation, powder and so on. The foundation brush can completely retain the original texture of the foundation. It looks more transparent and flexible. And the bottom makeup brushed out is even in thickness.
The bristles on the foundation brush are usually synthetic fibers, because natural brushes are easy to crack.
Usage: After lightening the makeup product on the face, place the brush at a vertical angle with the face, and make up by stamping; or choose to brush directly on the face.

2. Scattered Painting
Scattered painting is what we usually call honey painting. It is used to brush powder or honey powder, so it is very big, fluffy and soft, and has a lot of wool. The advantage of using loose paint to fix makeup is that the cosmetic effect is light and natural. Because of its strong ability of catching powder, it can also save the amount of powder.
Usually the brush of loose paint is natural wool, which can make honey powder more suitable for skin and make-up more lasting and natural.
Usage: After dipping in honey powder, gently shake off the remaining powder and make-up in a circular way, which can achieve a polishing and transparent effect.

Three, blush brush
The blush brush is slightly smaller than the powder brush, usually flat, with a semicircle at the top, used for blush. Using the blush brush to sweep the blush naturally and easily, there will be no "monkey ass" phenomenon. It is natural to use blush brush like blush cream.
Usage: powdery blush is dipped in the right amount, gently shake off the remaining after the apple brush in the apple muscle parts; cream makeup blush is painted on the face, with a brush gently brush.

Four. Concealer Brush
Concealer products are usually pasted and can be kept without using a brush. Compared with the clumsy fingers, the concealer will emphasize the details of the concealer.
Usage: take a small amount of Concealer with a brush and smear it in areas where defects are needed, such as dark circles and pox prints.

Fifth, facial brush
It is suggested that beveled and oblique brushes should be selected to create facial contours, especially in the lower and outer parts of the zygoma and the position of the cheeks on both sides of the face, which can instantly turn into small faces and V faces.

Six, eye shadow brush
Eye shadow brush is an essential tool for everyday eye makeup. Moderate amount of hair, can fully integrate the eye shadow natural spread, dizzy brush out the color of the sense of hierarchy. The brush has a certain degree of hardness and strong gripping power.

Seven, eyebrow brush
When the eyebrows are thin or want to change the color of the eyebrows, we usually dip the eyebrow brush into the eyebrow powder to fill the eyebrow space. Usually we choose to use the eyebrow brush after the thrush.
Usage: Take appropriate amount of eyebrow powder with eyebrow brush, shake off flotation powder, control strength, and fill with a slightly inclined brush.

Eight, lip brush
Many people may think that the use of lip brush is not big, but when we use the box lip balm, or need to paint lip gloss, this lip gloss that needs halo, the lip brush is the best helper. For novice cosmetics, cleanliness and cleanliness of makeup is also indispensable to the help of lip brushes. The lip brush can make the lip line clear and even in color. It is suggested to choose synthetic lip brushes with moderate wool quality and wool content to prevent uneven color.

How to use it: you can dip it on your lips with a brush, or use lipstick directly, then brush it with a brush.

In addition, we also use the halo dye brush used for laying silkworm, high gloss brush for high gloss, liner for eye liner, and so on.